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1. Let the games begin…

“My name is Khadija Kadodia, and I run a swimming school ( and a fitness centre ( I spend my days coaching swimming, fitness consulting, training and cooking healthy and delicious meals. OK, I lie…. I run around in my swimsuit blowing a whistle and screaming “give me 50 push-ups” 🙂

It’s taken me a good few years to finally start blogging. The number of drafts I have in my inbox since 2012 will attest to that. I guess I am a very expressive person and putting how I feel into words just couldn’t do it for me. My hands wave, eyes roll and my head shakes, often too animated for paper. I have written on many topics that I felt were relevant regarding health and fitness, what stopped me from publishing them was the simple problem of; how do you start a blog without introducing yourself? So I finally decided to put that aside and I will get someone to write my bio, but in the interim I am starting this blog. My purpose is to inshallah (god willing) inspire myself and others towards a healthier, fitter life.

One of the first questions people ask me is, how did you get into fitness?  Fitness and sport is encoded in my dna and I was truly born with this passion for movement, running, lifting and jumping. I come from a very strong athletic background. Both my parents were fit and sports orientated.

I personally was fortunate enough to have been brought up by one of the most amazing women on earth whose knowledge still never ceases to astonish me. My mother had always ensured that we had eaten healthy, nutritious and tasty foods from day one. This upbringing is the cornerstone of all the work I do.

Being the only sister amongst five brother’s meant soccer, rugby and cricket were the order of the day. From climbing trees to riding make believe horses; exercise was a natural part of my upbringing.
Being a fitness trainer for many years, I have always been passionate about promoting a healthy attitude to life. I truly do believe that living a healthy lifestyle has an impact on every aspect of an individual’s life in a beneficial way.

Feeling and looking amazing is a LIFESTYLE that needs constant yet simple maintenance. By no means possible does this healthy lifestyle include taking unnatural injections, starving your-self or popping pills that promise the world and more. There are no quick fixes.
My aim and wish has always been to inspire people to get fit, healthy and confident. Seeing people grow in confidence, skill and happiness has always appealed to me.
It was recently brought to my attention that I cannot expand this without connecting to people outside of my gym. A fact I am aware of, but video, tv, radio and photos have always been something I stayed away from, not very wise if you are a personal trainer as essentially you are selling yourself. The most common question I get asked by people on social media who have never met me is, what do you look like? Are you really fit? A valid question I suppose. Whilst don’t expect a full on photo shoot from me, I am going to share snippets of my journey with you. What’s the journey you may ask?

To make the world a fitter, healthier happier place one person at a time!

Planks and kisses

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  1. Planks and kisses ?? I love that ????

  2. Congratulations on finally starting a blog! Looking forward to many more inspiring articles!

  3. Congratulations?Look forward to following your blog❤ you are truly an inspiration …thank you for introducing me to a better healthier me?

  4. Make a more new posts please 🙂

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