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2. 80kg and counting……

2017 has been a discovery for me. An adventure of sorts, my life changed in many ways and I found myself exposed to new ideas, people and naturally new problems. I spent the first few months adjusting to all this. Throughout this blog I will touch on many subjects from health and fitness to life in general.

2016 was a bad year, health wise, I lost too much weight, and I had more stress than I could manage. Come 2017, I decided to take a break from my usual gym routine and healthy eating. I had a few reasons, which I am going to share with you along the way.

When I got on the scale I laughed as the numbers looked up at me. I’ve never been a weight obsessed person and have never owned a scale. I have always weighed a lot. As a teenager whenever I used to get on the scale, people would look at me and say; I think the scales broken. I got used to this, as I am much heavier than I look. My doctor used to joke that my dad put gold in my bones.

As a trainer I understand the few benefits to using a scale but I mostly believe in using a measuring tape and calipers to measure body fat. If you have a goal that’s aesthetic driven then sure go for it. But in general the scale will never measure fitness or good health (I will attack this topic in another post). For the purpose of this blog, I am weighing myself and I will check in with you on a regular basis

On the 1st July I joined my challengers on the #KKJumpStartJulyChallenge .

What is the challenge all about?
The #KKJumpStartJuly challenge is the kick start to your perfect summer body. This challenge focuses on losing weight and incorporating a few good habits into your life. This plan is suitable for men and women.

And if you need serious motivation, you are getting paid to lose weight as the 30 Day Weight loss Challenge winner walks away with the cash prize of R3000.

Who can do this challenge?
Anyone! Whether you want to lose 5 kg or 10kg. This specific challenge focuses on weight loss.

Where is the Challenge?

Unlike other fitness challenges, you do this one right in your own home! You don’t have to worry about getting to the gym or storing bulky equipment.

How does it work?
I signed up for the challenge on the website , after confirmation of payment I received my booklet with the plan. I was also added to a closed Facebook group. The booklet contains all the necessary diet and workout guidelines and tips for 30days. Khadijakhealth has also teamed up with Fitdeli ( to bring you ready cooked meals for your convenience at a discount (use coupon khadijakhealth). Once a week a #wildcardworkout is posted on the group. This is a high intensity workout and aimed at speeding up your metabolism.

My starting weight and stats: Weight: 80kg  – 1st July 2017

I have a few long term goals, my short term goal for the duration of this challenge which is one month, is to drop a few kilograms of fat so I can run faster and to get back into a healthy eating routine. My usual weight varies from 62 – 74 kg (on the higher side if I’m doing more lifting) and I am most comfortable with my body fat percentage around 15 – 17.
Join me on my journey; I post regular updates on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

In my experience body measurements vary greatly according to what your goals are. Don’t expect to run long distance marathons on a regular basis and have your cleavage intact and squatting heavy will no doubt increase your leg and glute size.
My advice to you?  Don’t focus on the looks, get fit, get strong, and be confident.

The scale doesn’t measure sexy darling!!

If you have any questions or topics you would like me to cover send me a shout below or email me.

Planks and kisses

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