“Let me motivate and inspire you and take your body where it has never been before! ” KhadijaK

Our ladies classes are ladies only with Khadijak unless otherwise specified. Many clients have attained their dream body with Trainer Kt through dedication and careful programming. Classes include:

  • SWING “Strength of an athlete, fitness of a triathlete, flexibility of a yogi, body of a fitness model” This is a high Intensity workout using kettlebells to maximize fitness. What you will get in this class:
  1. This class aims at giving you a full body workout using kettlebells
  2. Step by step training focusing on correct form and breathing
  3. This class is ideal for anyone starting out as well advanced users.
  4. You will learn new moves every week, and progressions.
  5. Expert programming to ensure a challenging and beneficial workout.
  6. Small classes.

Khadija is a qualified Exercise scientist as well as being a qualified kettlebell trainer via STRONGFIRST.

  • Torch – The most intense  fat burning class you will ever attend. Incorporating MMA Conditioning, Military Circuits and lots more to blast your way to 1000 CALORIES! The ultimate Fat SHREDDER. For all Fitness Levels.
  • BootyCouture – (upperbody/lowerbody) The ultimate COUTURE for that designer dress. Hone and tone your body to perfection. Weights, cardio, circuits, skipping and Pilates. Using dumbbells and conventional gym equipment.
  • BootCamp – Tone your legs and drop dress sizes with our amazing one hour bootcamp sessions, which take place in Raslouw. Mat work takes place indoors and part of the workout outdoors. This is a non stop one hour cardio sweat session 🙂
  • Aquacise – Stay cool and get fit in our indoor heated, salt water pool! Excellent if you suffer from joint and bone problems. Water improves the circulation and is the perfect companion to our other classes. Don’t know how to swim? NO PROBLEM. Class includes shallow water activities for non swimmers and Deep water activites for those who can swim and would like to intensify their workouts.
  • Zumba – The perfect combo of fun and fitness has made Zumba®classes a world-wide phenomenon. The class that started the dance-fitness revolution and changed the way we look at a “workout” forever. It’s fun, effective and best of all? Made for everyone!Cardio and Abs!
  • Cardio and Abs! Tone your legs with this amazing one hour cardio blast with the ab shredder. This is a non stop one hour cardio sweat session 🙂 
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